Because SCIENCE!

Good News, Everyone!

Good News, Everyone!

Science proves my point that America is now an oligarchy.

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News Round-Up

  1. Prepare to be shocked: politicians listen to lobbyists and don’t give a shit about ordinary people! I know, right?
  2. Asshole enlists help of other assholes to defend his God-given FREEDOM to steal from the rest of the country. Surely, Clive Bundy is the living embodiment of the Doctrine of Discovery: “I stole this here land for years therefore it’s mine because FREEDOM!”
  3. Republican Outreach to Women marches on!
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More Tales from the Oligarchy

Rich asshole in Shawnee, Oklahoma uses his petty authority to abuse and brutalize the homeless. Film at eleven!

This story encapsulates two disturbing trends: the power of the oligarchy to use political power to pursue personal wealth and the ongoing rise in demonization of the poor. It’s particularly poignant that most of the homeless in Shawnee are Indians…homeless in their own country, their land stolen out from under them.

Meanwhile, the United States as a whole continues to fall in standard-of-living rankings with other industrialized nations. Welcome to Galt’s Gulch!

Down And Out In America

It probably comes as no surprise that most of what “everybody knows” about poverty in America is dead wrong. It should also come as no surprise that most people are ignorant about poverty, given the relentless propagandizing by oligarchs determined to make the rest of us see the poor as somehow “other” and “less.”  Interestingly, if someone smart (like say, a Redditor) were to compare poverty rates by county in the US using the same standards (though adjusted for cost of living) as the UN uses for Africa, they’d see huge swathes of abject poverty in the reddest states of the Deep South. Why? Mainly because the Deep South has been following the Republican/Oligarch Economic Model (small government, low wages, no unions, little regulation) for the better part of a century.

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More From Our Corporate Overlords

Kneel, peasants!

Kneel, peasants!

The Hobby Lobby case is not just about whether or not corporations have souls (and therefore religion) or even whether your boss gets to decide if you use birth control; if Hobby Lobby prevails, your boss will get to decide what your doctor tells you.

Meanwhile, mega-banks are keen to make sure you don’t know that not only are they “too big to fail,” they get lower interest rates because of it. That’s right, you’re subsidizing banks even more than you thought you were.

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The Screwing Continues

  1. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the richer you are the longer you live. Conversely, the poorer you are, the quicker you die;
  2. Some rich guy thinks all that democracy and voting is getting in the way of real education “reform” (by which he means, the quick and efficient destruction of public schools);
  3. FOX “News” makes you stupid. With that in mind, non-stupid people should start voting in Republican primaries for non-stupid candidates;
  4. Joseph Sabia has a great job--getting paid to make sure that your job sucks;
  5. Nearly all of what Joseph Sabia and the “Employment Policies Institute” says about raising the minimum wage is demonstrable bullshit;
  6. For that matter, most Right Wing propaganda is bullshit. Especially the parts about how beaten-down and persecuted they all are.

Great Moments In Assholery: Foodstamps Edition

Pity poor Cong. Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia) “stuck here (in Congress) making $172,000 a year”. His personal disclosed net worth is somewhere around $3 million. And then he voted to cut food stamps.

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Virginia GOP Now Just Phoning It In

Old Dominion Republicans make it crystal clear that the only real purpose of “Voter ID” Laws is to make it harder for Democrats to vote.  Appreciate them abandoning the asinine pretext.

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Speaking of Makers vs. Takers…

Rarely (in fact, pretty much never) heard from the Great Ayn Rand Party is the fact that it’s mostly Republican states which receive back more in Federal dollars than they pay into the system in Federal taxes and the largest concentrations of the infamous 47% moochers are found in, you guessed it, Red States.

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The Grand Ayn Rand Party

They just can’t help themselves: yet more Galtian Cult commentary from the Republicans.  Guys, ask the Reagan Era Democrats how great a strategy it is to openly mock and disparage a big chunk of the electorate.

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