Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Thus passes Alberto Gonzales, quite possibly one of the worst Attorneys General in American history, certainly right down there with Ed Meese and A. Mitchell Palmer. I have encountered other lawyers like him, mouthpieces would say or do anything, legal, semi-legal or otherwise, on behalf of their clients, and who have completely forgotten their loyalty to the law and the justice system. Good riddance.

UPDATE: A classic 2003 Atlantic article on the cynicism and callousness of the Gonzo/Dubya team from it’s earliest days back here in Texas.

UPDATE 2: Capitol Annex repeats Austin rumors that Dubya will tap Cornyn to replace Gonzo, presumably to prevent his defeat by Rick Noriega. I respectfully doubt it. Dubya needs someone non-controversial to prevent a bloodbath with Senate Dems. Not sure even Senatorial Courtesy would be enough to shoe-horn the notoriously unlikeable Cornyn through the process.

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  1. And let’s not forget the (in)famous John Mitchell whose concern for Katherine Graham’s…uh…wringer-attacked mammary gland got him into such trouble during Watergate.

  2. Can’t believe I forgot him, considering Dubya’s love for hanging out with Nixon-Era retreads. At least Mrs. Gonzales doesn’t have to worry about being drugged and carted off to an undisclosed location.

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