From the Sunshine State

McCain wins (and may get Giuliani’s mighty endorsement), but he’s pretty much out of money, and the people who have the money don’t like him. With Rudy! out, I’m curious to see how McCain does in a head-to-head to the Romney-bot (with Huckabee apparently no longer a factor). If Giuliani hadn’t been on the ballot, how much of his 15% would’ve gone to McCain? The exit polls tend to indicate that McCain still has a significant problem with the GOP base (Scarborough dismissed his platform as “less jobs and more wars”). This would tend to hurt his ability to use the Karl Rove/Nathan Bedford Forrest (“Git thar fustest with the mostest men”) strategy in November.

In other news, Dubya was lying during SOTU. Quick, fetch the smelling salts; I feel faint!


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  1. The Romney bot? I wonder if you have seen this picture.

  2. I’m glad McCain won and hope he keeps on winning. He may not be the ideal candidate for so-called “conservatives,” but there aren’t any other good options for them at this point, unless they really buy into Romney’s newfound conservatism. Even the most dimwitted Republican voter has to realize by now that McCain has a far better chance of winning the White House than their party frankly deserves, or that any of the other Republican candidates has. He’s the only one of them that I would vote for.

  3. I liked McCain in 2000, but the more he rather shamelessly and transparently cozies up to the most disastrous policies of the most disastrous president in my lifetime, he seems more and more like a Romney or Giuliani-style political Zelig. I do agree he’s very likely the GOP’s only real hope, though.

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