Dubya vs. Indian Country, the Saga Continues

Not surprisingly, Bush’s new hundred trillion gazillion dollar budget includes a $100 million cut for the BIA; obviously because that agency is such a model of bureacratic efficiency that it can make do with less. These cuts would devastate, among others, IHS, Indian colleges, and Indian housing programs and would cut ALL DOJ funds to tribes for law enforcement. Nice to see that this Administration, which has been so virulently anti-Indian, is going out with a calculated slap in the face.

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  1. Poor bloody George W, I though Abramoff had rendered the tribes penniless, thus averting the need for the Pres to be concerned.
    Apart from that I am pleased to have happened upon you and would like to get in touch on indigenous (and wider) issues.
    I spent a few years in BC Canada, around the Stó:lō people. Can’t say I enjoyed the experience or blame the attitudes, but it was an experience.

  2. I thought Abramoff had fixed the injun problem for George W by relieving them of any cash they had. Can’t trust these bloody thieves.
    Beyond that, I was interested to come across you and your interests. I had some experience with the Sto:lo people of BC Canada, and could understand – sort of – the double dealing I had to deal with.
    Now, back in Australia I can understand those indigenous issues a little better – I hope. But they are issues that tend to spread through interbreeding here. My focus is not legal, but in how to deal with the anger among youth.
    I would like to contact you personally, with your permission. Cartledge – @ – gmail.com Without dashes of course.

  3. Please feel free to email away.

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