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Mitt is out, but the Right still doesn’t trust McCain (and the Hard Right despises him), Democrats are still hugely outpolling and outvoting Republicans, once-reliable conservative voices are predicting a 1980-style “sea change” Blue Tide in November, and the Howler Monkeys are reduced to whistling past the graveyard in hoping Hillary gets the nomination.

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  1. I remain convinced that all these so-called conservatives will rally behind McCain if Hillary is his opponent. If it’s Obama, I’m not so sure. Conventional wisdom is that McCain needs an energized base to win, but that may not be true if he gets a huge chunk of the more moderate, independent-minded swing voters. He’s definitely got a difficult tightrope walk ahead of him.

    And yeah, if the economy continues to sink, Democrats would have to screw up royally not to get back into the White House. If the economy doesn’t get much worse and the “surge” in Iraq continues to reap even modest success (or perhaps, to put it another way, Iraq doesn’t get any worse), I think McCain might do well.

  2. Interesting historical trivia about this election: if either one of Obama, Clinton or McCain wins in November, it will be the first time in 48 years a senator is elected directly from the senate to the presidency and only the third time ever. Harding was the first, and of course Kennedy was the second.

  3. I thought I was conservative on many issues, but I feel a major disconnect with those “howler monkeys”. McCain was my preferred choice for GOP nomimee before this race really started.

  4. “Conservative” has evidently been redefined to mean “blind unquestioning obedience to George Dubya Bush in all things.” Unfortunately, since this campaign started, McCain has started moving in that direction.

  5. It’s more like a definition of conservativism defined/led by Limbaugh and hardly deviated from at all by Hannity, Levin, etc. They hated Bush on the illegal-alien amnesty bill, to name one thing where they certainly did not obey Bush.

  6. “They hated Bush on the illegal-alien amnesty bill, to name one thing where they certainly did not obey Bush.”

    I think that’s more of the exception that proves the rule; still, good point.

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