Don’t Go Away Mad…Just Go Away

In a bold demonstration of their increasing irrelevancy, House Republicans walked out of the chamber today rather than vote on Contempt of Congress citations for Josh Bolten and Harriet Miers over their refusal to respond to Congressional subpoenas. House Minority Leader John Boehner denounced the citations as a “partisan fishing expedition”…in contrast to a Republican inquiry back when they were in the majority over who paid for the postage on Bill Clinton’s Christmas cards which was clearly a desperately-needed inquiry vital to future of the Republic.
Boehner went on to say that Congress should instead be voting for the President’s telecom immunity and warrantless wiretapping bill, because otherwise America is at imminent risk of attack. Except of course that’s not true. And, of course, Boehner fails to mention that telecom immunity could be stripped out of the warrantless wiretapping bill and voted on separately if it was really so important.
Assuming that Obama or Hillary becomes President next year and Republicans remain in the minority, I predict many more such walkouts and other similar theatrics.

UPDATE: Showing the sort of taste and dignity for which they are justly famous, House Republicans have interrupted a memorial service for the late Tom Lantos in their latest fit of pique. Now that’s class.

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  1. much classier than espousing the Democrat agenda at the funeral of a fellow Democrat. Now that’s true class.

  2. Are you talking about Wellstone’s funeral? That was only an issue because the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus made it an issue. And I don’t think you can compare speakers at a funeral/wake cheering the agenda of the dearly departed, something Wellstone would no doubt have heartily approved of, to forcing people to leave a memorial service in a deliberate prank vote designed to disrupt Congress.

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