The Candidates and Indian Country

As promised in a previous column, here is a link to John McCain’s Indian policy (from with a link to the .pdf file). Someone from the Obama campaign was kind enough to send me his candidate’s full policy paper, but I am not smart enough to know how to directly post .pdf files. If it is available as a web-page link, please send it again and I will glad to post it. No word yet from the Hillary campaign…


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  1. Wait, so McCain’s .pdf is posted online, yet Obama’s campaign just sent you the .pdf, because the policy might not be posted in publicly accessible place? Just wonderin’.

  2. The Obama campaign’s .pdf might very well be publicly available; I didn’t find it on the website, though I was impressed that he (in contrast to Hillary Clinton) had an entire section for “First Americans.” I haven’t reviewed any of the Big Three’s websites lately to see if they’ve been updated since my first column on the issue.

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