McCain On Indian Issues

Another campaign heard from. No real promises here, just bragging on his record. Whatever else one might think about the Senator from Arizona, he does have a relatively good record (compared to the average white Republican member of Congress) with regard to Indian Country.

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  1. We’ve had thin margins in the past two general elections, and now there what seems to be a thin margin separating the two battling Democrats. In this kind of environment, Native America, with its population of 1% or so, could make or break an election.

  2. True. Both Bush and Kerry made some effort to target NDN votes in close states like Wisconsin, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona. There is a San Carlos Apache woman, Mary Kim Titla, running for Rick Renzi’s old seat, which should increase notoriously anemic NDN turnout, tho’ I’m pretty sure Arizona will go for McCain. And none of the 3 remaining candidates have really offered much of anything beyond the usual bromides to Indian Country. Obama’s promise of a Cabinet-level secretary of Indian Affairs sounds basically like nothing more than a super-sized BIA (which is bad enough, already) doubtless headed by some inoffensive (and probably NDN) political hack.

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