Elites Denounce Reality as "Elitist"

Oh, Good God. This is by far this stupidest thing yet ginned into a “-gate” in this whole stupid election cycle. Only in 2008 America could it be a greater scandal to refer to the fact that working class people are getting screwed than the actual fact that WORKING CLASS PEOPLE ARE GETTING SCREWED! Congratulations to Obama for having the presence of mind to not physically roll his eyes in response to questions about this “scandal.”

UPDATE: Rural Pennsylvanians fail to be outraged by Obama’s “elitism,” no doubt to the chagrin of FOXNews.

UPDATE 2: The real insult to the working class? Decades of neglect by the elites. Meanwhile, carrying the RWHMMC hysteria to official shark-jumping levels, Bill Kristol declares Obama to be a Marxist. No, seriously. The Marxist Brothers: A Day at the Racist.

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  1. I didn’t mind Obama’s comment. What was troubling was the aside-swipe at at those who choose to exercise their Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and worship as they see fit. I did, though, like the pro-free-trade message and the swipe against immigrant-bashers.

    Obama also didn’t refer to “working class”, which is the vast majority of Americans (those who are not unemployed).

  2. Yeah, I see what you mean about gun rights. He might have been referring to militias, which would then be inaccurate since those idiots are only a tiny minority. Or maybe he was referring to the violent crime rate. However he meant it, it could be taken as condescending.

  3. What exactly IS the “working class,” anyway? Am I part of it? If not, does that mean I’m part of the “non-working class?” Sure as hell FEELS like I work my ass off these days.

  4. “Am I part of it?”

    Sigh. we’ve been over this before, Eric. You’re a tool of the military-industrial complex. Now try to keep it straight!

  5. Ah, that’s right. I can never keep it straight.

    By the way, today was my first day of jury duty ever. It was for an attempted capitol murder against a police officer. I think my military background got me weeded off.

  6. “I think my military background got me weeded off.”

    Yeah, I would’ve struck you on that type of case. In fact, military tend to get struck unless the Defendant has a military background and sometime even then, based on the (not always true) assumption that all military personnel are conservative, law and order types.

  7. I don’t think Fox news would care one way or the other, unless it impacted some exclusive interview or something.

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