Stupid White Man of the Week: Larry Niven

Apparently, it’s not just the Ringworld that’s unstable (and yes, that was a science fiction joke; deal with it):

Niven said a good way to help hospitals stem financial losses is to spread rumors in Spanish within the Latino community that emergency rooms are killing patients in order to harvest their organs for transplants.”

It gets worse. This power-tool is now part of an elite group of nerds advising the Department of Homeland Security. No, really.

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  1. It certainly is not wise to appoint someone racially biased to a critical decision making position.

  2. Fortunately, the Dork Committee seems limited to making asinine recommendations and has no real power. Of course, considering the kind of people Dubya already listens to, that’s not as reassuring as it might be.

  3. Niven, along with Chrichton and Card, is going well out of his way to prove that sci-fi writers are in fact no smarter than anyone else.

  4. “prove that sci-fi writers are in fact no smarter than anyone else”

    If that.

  5. What did Crichton and Card do? I’d be interested in finding that out.

    How boneheaded of Niven to say this. Serves him right if he wakes up missing a kidney one morning.

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