It Became Necessary to Destroy the Children…

…in order to save them. The Common Room on several MHMR worker’s scathing criticism of DFPS in the YFZ Ranch case. I can’t ever recall a time I’ve seen MHMR caseworkers level this kind of accusation at any other agency, even DFPS. Or vice versa.

UPDATE: Grits has the actual statements from Hill Country MHMR. It is some of the most wrenching testimony I have ever read and is a damning indictment of the State of Texas. One worker’s commentary stands out: “I have worked in Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse programming for over 20 years and have never seen women and children treated this poorly, not to mention their civil rights being disregarded in this manner. It makes us all wonder how safe anyone is who has children.”

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    Those three words tell us what the Hill Country Community MHMR Center’s workers told the world.

    It has not been good the past few days for the CPS crew.

    Remember I predicted that the CPS would be the fall guy.

    Worst that will happen is one, or two at the most, will lose their jobs at CPS and prolly be hired into state jobs elsewhere.

    It just took a few of the good ol’ boys in the system to each stretch the rules, none going so far they’ll get in trouble.

    My list of those I feel certain stretched the rule:
    Texas AG’s office;
    Local DA’s office;
    Sheriff Doran;
    Inside informants;
    Those knowledgable of the practices at that ranch;
    Judge Walther;
    Texas Rangers;
    Rest of the 700 man army;
    Helicopters & tanks;
    State Representatives;
    Prolly the Governor.

    I bet I don’t look nearly as conspiracy minded to you as I might have back about month+ ago!

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