Supremes Uphold Overturning of YFZ Removal Order

Grits, as always, has the full story. It is not, however, the end by any stretch of the imagination. The DFPS suit continues, the agency can and no doubt will proceed on their safety plans, and they can still seek termination though the likelihood of that being granting without removal is pretty remote. Nor does this foreclose the possibility of criminal prosecutions, even with the investigation in a shambles and the evidence hopelessly contaminated. FLDS lawyers should make sure their clients are aware that DFPS will be watching them like a hawk, and can still try to remove the children if they are exposed to “alleged abusers,” even though no such abusers have been positively identified to date.

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  1. The Justice system is under a selective enforcement chain of command. A Native American mother that I know has called San Angelo police for three years trying to get a welfare check on her daughter who married a white Texas man and can not get a responce to her request. Seems these children at the christian compound are not registered into the Iron Mountain Project for population controls without wars.

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