The War At Home

Obviously, not all (or even most) conservatives are violent, murderous lunatics. However, imagine for just one second what the Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus would’ve done if this attack had been a Muslim (or an atheist or even just someone non-religious) going after a conservative church because of their politics. We’d be getting wall-to-wall coverage. And what are we to make of the constant barrage of violent rhetoric from the RWHMMC? Can we seriously doubt it was a contributing factor?

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  1. Who is the big violent howler monkey? I’ve heard many of them, and the worst (I can think of Savage) did not seem to get violent.

  2. Glenn Greenwald has written extensively on the “eliminationist” attitudes of many conservative pundits, including Ann Coulter’s call for bombing the New York Times and killing John Walker Lindh to intimidate liberals.

  3. I did forget about her. Not sure who is worse, Coulter or Savage.

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