It was a good speech. Not a soaring or flowery speech, but then it wasn’t intended to be. Obama has shown one of the most important characteristics for a successful candidate: flexibility. Realizing that he hasn’t polled well with working-class whites whose primary concern is the economy, he re-tooled his message to focus on precisely those issues. Having a number of working-class white delegates warm-up the crowd was a great touch. Barney Smith for Secretary of Labor! Obama systematically hit every single one of the criticisms that the Republicans have levelled at him–that he’s elitist, that he’s a celebrity, that he’s not “one of us.” He hit McCain, though it could be argued not hard enough, while careful to pay tribute to his war hero status, a courtesy certainly not afforded John Kerry by the GOP in 2004. Overall, I was impressed, as I have continued to be impressed (and surprised) by Obama since he first entered the race. I feel much better about November 4 than I did just a few days ago.

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  1. “Barney Smith for Secretary of Labor!”

    I wonder if he buys TVs or has been to an electronics store. You can hardly find a tube TV anymore, and that was what the factory made. Is the invention of LCD TV’s a Republican plot?



    “From 2000 to 2006 we are expecting a 40 percent decline in the picture-tube business in North America,” said a Thomson spokesperson. “That works out to about 11 million fewer units over that six-year period. This is a reflection of a change in consumer taste. People are going for different display technologies, including plasma, LCD and digital rear projection.”

    I guess this means that Democrats prefer tube-TVs, and LCD/plasma/etc TV’s are for Republicans.

    He said: “Republicans talk about putting “country first,” but tell that to Marion,
    Indiana. They sent my job overseas.” But does he know for a fact that those who made this decision about the factory are Republicans?

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