About that Magical "Executive" Experience…

…if your claim to fame is being mayor a city with 7,000 people, would it be too much to ask that you not have screwed it up? And the tough-talking Governor can’t bear to face the Evil Liberal Media unless they show her proper “deference”? Also, apparently it’s okay to dare to question the Sacred Surge What Has Absolutely Succeeded…if you are John McCain.

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  1. ummmmm,where can i find out what determines concretely and unquestionably what a patriot is?I tried the dictionary,”one who loves ‘HIS’ country and supports its authority and interests” such vaguries and yet people love to define thier whole lives(or at least a sound bite)around this word. i’ve no interest in greed,I must be unpatriotic. my neck isnt red,my skin isnt white, and my blood isnt blue,am i disqualified by default?

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