Socialized Corporatism

Thanks to Jesus’ General

Published in: on September 22, 2008 at 8:21 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. It took 30 years of Friedmanomics to erode the middle class. If you do not know who MILTON FRIEDMAN is, look him up on Google. He is the mastermind of deregulation and taking all government out of society except for MILITARY SPENDING. One of his books is “Free to Choose”. The title is deceiving, because the only freedom he is referring to is freedom for CORPORATIONS to ram rod the population. This school of thought is behind the Reganomics that took people down in economic class a few notches in the 1980s. Do some research people, please read “SHOCK DOCTRINE” by NAOMI KLEIN. It makes sense of why this disaster happened in the first place. Look, it should have not taken an economic meltdown and 30 years for this cat to come out of the bag! Good God!

  2. I agree that this catastrophe has been long in the making. The turkeys of 30 years of deregulation, corruption and crony capitalims are coming home to roost.

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