Liveblogging the Debate

Good opening by Obama.  Good Lord but McCain is an awful public speaker!  The House Republicans were part of the solution?  In what parallel universe?  Obama continues to hang Dubya around McCain’s neck like the proverbial albatross.  McCain just signed on to the bailout.  “Alot of us saw this trainwreck coming”?  Then while the hell didn’t they do anything about it?  “What’s good for Wall Street, but not what’s good for Main Street,” good line.  Obama is hitting the “little guy” argument hard, good for him.  Jim Lehrer seems beffudled as he tries to get the two candidates to mix it up.  Uhm, the former members of Congress currently in prison are all Republicans, my friends.  “We can’t afford another four.”  Impressed that Obama mentioned the difference between the tax rate on paper and the taxes corporations actually pay.  McCain blinks and licks his lips too much.  And good Lord but he has a scary smile!  He should never ever smile.  Ever.  It’s like the Joker, if the Joker was really really old.  “Obama is a LIBERAL!!!  Run!!!”  McCain opposes ethanol subsidies?  He did make a good point about military spending and contracts, though.  Obama: not sure linking yourself to a whackjob like Tom Coburn is that good an idea.  McCain will boldly freeze all government spending–except in the largest categories that make up the overwhelming majority of the budget.  McCain sounds really disjointed, as though someone randomly shuffled his sound-bite cards.  “Cut spending; waste fraud & abuse,” it’s Back to the Eighties.  Obama finally gets back to pointing that John McCain and George W. Bush are, in fact, Republicans.  “We are winning in Iraq.”  Obama is not afraid to mix it up on the war.  Thought Obama showed a good grasp of the foreign policy details.  Sooo…it’s okay to attack Pakistan as long as you don’t tell them in advance?  The Pakistanis have “intermarried with Al Qaeda and the Taliban”?  Sure hope they weren’t gay marriages!  An “existential threat”?  I do not think that word means what you think it does.  Talking to people legitimizes them?  Good response by Obama to the issue of meeting with bad people “without preconditions.”  Yay!  Pizza’s here!  At least McCain knows the actual names of foreign leaders and can more or less pronounce them.  Obama should really stop letting McCain talk over him; it doesn’t make him look respectful it makes him look submissive.  McCain:  “I hate Bush too!”  Obama made a nice turn by linking the economy to national security.  McCain compares Obama to Dubya?  Stretch much?  Bold of Obama to directly refer to his Kenyan father in the face of all the racist claptrap that’s been bubbling under the surface.  I am impressed; only at the very end of the debate does McCain refer to his time as a POW.  Bottom line: no major screwups by either side.  Let the spin commence!


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  1. I just want to let you know that I was so freaked out by the lip licking flicker like a lizard that I googled it. The first website that popped up said, “what’s with that lizard lick thing is it like a tick”. Clicking on it thinking, Wow I’m not the only one, I found out it was a blog on the new Batman. After some revised searching I found your site. Seriously with Batman this years blockbuster I can’t wait to see who else picks up on this one.

  2. Great minds think alike. Have heard some other commentators talk about McCain seeming grumpy, hunched over, and dismissive in his body language.

  3. McCain’s presentation and body language are admittedly awful, especially compared to Obama. The “hunched” effect is mostly the result of age and five years of intense physical abuse as a POW, so I can forgive that, but the constant smirks are another matter.

    In the age of television, Obama is bound to come off better every time. He’s younger, better looking and more articulate by far. Whether that means he will make a better president is more a matter of faith or speculation. I can’t help but wonder what kinds of embarrassing and unflattering body language we might have seen Churchill make during his many vociferous debates in Parliament, or how hideous Lincoln must have seemed to audiences that saw him up close. It’s a shame, but television completely changed the rules of the game; style and appearance have trumped substance ever since.

    Still, Obama came off very well, and I thought his remarks for the most part were appropriately substantive. It’s a refreshing change from 2004 that the Democratic candidate can actually articulate a fairly coherent and consistent position on Iraq that contrasts with his opponent. One thing I heartily agree with Obama on is that we took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan by invading Iraq. That is indisputably true.

  4. P.S. I didn’t see the whole debate, but the one Obama moment that made me wince was when he quickly pointed out that he too had a bracelet, and then seemed to completely forget who gave it to him. I’m sure it was an innocent gaffe that any one of us could have made, and he recovered well, but I have no doubt the howler monkeys will have a field day with it next week.

  5. Little tidbit I picked up in all my psyc. classes in a quote,

    “Mind Your Mouth – Mouth, Lips, and Tongue Cues

    Be careful of pursing or licking your lips. Condit pursed his lips and sucked them inward more than 14 times in his famous 2002 television interview with Connie Chung. This can indicate extreme anxiety, withholding information and withholding aggression. Tight lips indicate you may be planning to keep the truth in. If you actually suck the lips part way in, you may be withholding anger. When you are nervous, your mouth becomes dry, and you lick your lips and swallow as you struggle to find the right words to say.”

    I picked this up at, HOW TO SPOT A LIAR By Patti A. Wood, MA, CSP I’m sure there are more pertinent references but I thought this quote fit considering the circumstance.

    Although it is unfortunate that so many people judge others on their appearance. It is also important that we all do not forget the value of body language which is in many cases a universal form of communication. It is easy to speak lies by very difficult unless one is a sociopath to lie with the language of their physical demeanor.

    Something to think on. That’s all.

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