Afterblogging the Debate

Expectations on Palin had been lowered so much all she had to was avoid drooling to exceed them.  I’m starting to wonder if the McCain camp deliberately leaked those stories about her tanking in practice debates.  Aided in part by the format, she managed a good performance, and Biden avoided his usual penchant for verbal diarrhea and the obvious pitfalls of appearing condescending or disrespectful.  Politics aside, I found Palin extremely off-putting, and it wasn’t just her tinny nasal Midwestern twang.  When I watched replays on the TV at the gym, without the sound, she struck me as arrogant, smug and self-righteous.  Basically, she reminded me of Arlene Wohlgemuth.

UPDATE:  Palin’s debate notes leaked!


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  1. I’m not too sorry I missed it, though I may go back and download it on iTunes one of these days. The VP debate is largely irrelevant. No one really votes for VP, and the last time a VP candidate got truly trounced in a debate, his ticket still won (Bush-Quayle in ’88), in spite of trailing 17 points behind as late as the party conventions.

    On a completely unrelated topic, I started reading Greenspan’s memoir “The Age of Turbulence” yesterday. Much more interesting than I expected. I think a lot of die-hard Republicans would be surprised by many of the things he says (his dislike of Nixon, his admiration for Clinton, the Iraq war is about oil, etc.).

  2. P.S. I think even the presidential debates are largely irrelevant, in terms of the actual impact they have on people’s votes. In spite of his incoherent position on Iraq, I thought Kerry consistently came out on top in each debate with Bush in 2004, and those debates were much closer to real freewheeling debates than any I have seen in a presidential contest before or since. In a more perfect world voters would treat the debates more seriously and watch them with an open mind, but the reality is that most voters’ minds are already made up by then. All the debates do is give them a chance to cheer for their candidate and then put the necessary post-debate spin on his or her performance.

  3. I agree with you that running mates are irrelevent, and Dan Quayle and Spiro Agnew are exhibits A & B. The debates may also be irrelevent; it was interesting to note that the percentages on who won the VP debate virtually mirrored the national polls on Obama vs. McCain.

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