One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Are there Left-wing nuts out there saying ugly things about John McCain and Sarah Palin?  Yes, though it seems to be confined primarily to anonymous commenters on blogs for the most part.  Is that the same as the delusional insanity wafting around the tin-foil hat faction of the Right concerning Obama?  Oh hell no!  Krugman is the right that this is the same strain of hate virus as Clinton Derangement Syndrome back in 1990’s, only with the added stench of odious racism.  In fairness to John McCain, at least he (unlike his running mate) has the common decency to be appalled at this, if only because he’s starting to realize the political end is nigh and this isn’t how he wants to be remembered.  Assuming an Obama victory, I look for a return to militia nuts, and huge boosts to the careers of Right Wing Howler Monkeys cranking out increasingly insane conspiracy theories in print and on teh interwebs.

UPDATE:  A rundown of violent Right Wing fantasies, long before they had Obama to fear.

UPDATE 2:  Glenn Greenwald makes the same point in disassembling the moral equivalency argument of Michael Crowley at TNR.


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  1. I can already here the Rush Limbaughs of the airwaves pontificating about how McCain lost the election because he wasn’t “Republican enough” or “conservative enough,” which is of course nonsense. The only reason they’re even in this election is because McCain still has some lingering support from swing voters who DON’T view him as a third term for Bush. But unless a massive spasm of racism checks people’s hands at the polls, the economy should be enough to guarantee an Obama victory.

  2. I have to tell you that McCain’s supposed outrage at the spew coming from his supporters strikes me as being the political equivilant of crocodile tears. Besides being too little and way too late, it seems to me he’s only reacting this way at his rallies so the media can get a few shots of him being “noble.”

    Meanwhile, his surrogates and proxies keep amping up the rhetoric, and the ads depicting Obama as “dangerous” keeps running. He hasn’t called Limbaugh or Hannity et al to task for their ranting, has he?

    Nope. Because he approves that message.

  3. I agree that the GOP is likely to experience a Goldwater moment after this election and guarantee Obama a second term by nominating someone from the far fringes (maybe even Sarah Barracuda) in 2012. As for McCain’s campaign rhetoric, it’s been pretty mild by historic standards. Obama hasn’t gotten it as bad as Kerry in 2004, Clinton in 1992 or Dukakis in 1988.

  4. I have a problem with your use of a picture of a “tinfoil hat”.

    Everyone knows that only a steel V2K cap will block mind control energy weapons.

  5. The Local Crank regrets the error

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