Keeping it Classy

I take John McCain at his word that he condemns the stupid things random idiots say at his rallies, though it was rather lame of him to conflate complaining about that to an attack on veterans, military mothers and so forth as he did during the last debate.  On the other hand, when the Virginia GOP puts out a flyer with a picture of a scary brown manwho might or might not be Obama and label it “evil,” and California Republican women put out another that definately pictures Obama along with watermelon, fried chicken and food stamps, you have to wonder what kind of idiots the Republicans think we are.

UPDATE:  Fear not!  Texas Republicans won’t be out-yayhooed by anyone!

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  1. For the love of Pete. These people need to sit down, shut up, and MOVE AWAY FROM THEIR KEYBOARDS. Perhaps even entertain the notion of some medication.

  2. The best part is them denying any racism and apologizing “if anyone was offended.” I’m sure some of their best friends are black, too.

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