More Lame Excuses for McCain’s Inevitable Loss

White voters oppressed and intimidated by the evil racist Obama campaigninto displaying Obama signs and bumper stickers and answering polls in favor of Obama will nevertheless bravely vote against him because he is a communist.  And it has NOTHING to do with race.  Because Obama is the REAL racist.  And if McCain loses anyway, it’s all because of the Obama racist communists.  For realz!  Oh, and it’s purely coincidental that this story appears on FOX.  Really!

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  1. Speaking of McCain’s inevitable loss, Powell’s endorsement of Obama today certainly had the ring of a death knell to it, in more ways than one. Among other things, I think it may well be the death knell to my previously held theory that VP choices don’t have any discernable impact on presidential elections. It’s hard to imagine any running mate that would have put McCain over the top in this election, with the economy turning the tide so decisively in the Democrats’ favor, but Palin’s embarrassing performance clearly started the stampede of independent/swing-voter support away from McCain.

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