Things White People Like…

Barack Obama, apparently, as he is scoring the highest rating among white voters of any Democrat since Jimmy Carter over 30 years ago.  I was admittedly skeptical over all the talk about this being a “transformational” election.  Now, however, maybe…just maybe.

 UPDATE:  On the other hand

UPDATE 2:  But then again, maybe not.

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  1. This raises some important questions in my mind: if Obama wins on Nov. 4, how much will it affect the argument that the U.S. is still a fundamentally racist nation that keeps minorities down? How will it affect African-American perceptions about their role or status in the U.S.?

    Surely racism will exist in some form or fashion as long as humans walk the earth. Like poverty, drug use and other social ills, I think it’s an unavoidable (though mitigatable) part of the human condition. But I do hope, if nothing else, that an Obama presidency will have an inspiring and empowering effect on those in the U.S. who feel marginized or constrained because of their color.

  2. An Obama victory, especially a BIG Obama victory, would also suggest that class (i.e. economic status) is more important than race. Given this country’s long historical commitment to white supremacy, one election won’t transform us into a color-blind utopia overnight, but it would be a very important step in the right direction.

  3. I also can’t help but wonder if having two black Secretaries of State in a row played a small role in raising the comfort level of white Americans with having an African-American president.

    In many ways the more remarkable thing about an Obama win, to me, won’t be so much that we finally elected someone of color (I think Powell could have been elected in 1996 or 2000 if he had really tried and played his cards right), but someone of color who ALSO has an exotic-sounding name. I don’t know why, but his name rather than his skin color strikes me as the more serious obstacle he had to overcome. He is, after all, half white and, as far as I can tell, thoroughly white-raised and -educated.

  4. If it were up to me, election polling would be banned. Imagine how much more exciting, meaningful and (ironically) uncoercive it would be if voters went to the polls not having any earthly clue who was or wasn’t favored to win, or by how much. It would totally change the dynamic of elections.

    At the very least we could have a polling ban on the last few days (though preferably weeks) of an election, like the miserable French do.

  5. There is that whole pesky First Amendment thing…

  6. Couldn’t we just selectively ignore it, like we do so many other Constitutional Amendments? I mean really, does the Tenth Amendment even exist in anything but name anymore?


    I saw that heading and it reminded me of this site. There’s some pretty funny stuff, but these guys have written a book and they’re on tour, so you’ll have to scroll past a lot of book tour news to get to the numbered “stuff white people like” and white people in the news.

  8. Yeah, I pretty shamelessly ripped off the title.

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