Hulk Guilty!

This is presumably good news for Democrats’ chances of reaching 60 votes.  I was wondering about the verdict, since there seemed to be embarassing indications that the prosecution had bungled the case.  Always amazes me how very powerful politicians can be brought down over (relatively) minor transgressions.  I mean, think about it; a 40 year veteran bull of the Senate, and he’s convicted of receiving free remodeling on his house?  I might expect something like that for an county commissioner.

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  1. Just proof that once you’ve been in power that long, you can get a little too used to the tit-for-tat that defines politicians.

  2. True. That and long-term politicians (and some short-timers) develop an incredibly arrogant sense of entitlement (Mayor Bloomberg being another example, though apparently minus the corruption. One of the benefits to being a billionaire, I suppose). It makes me understand, though not agree with, the advocates of term limits.

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