Vote Noriega: It’s Important

From HuffPo an excellent and sobering point–without 60 votes in the Senate, President Obama will likely be stymied from making any “fundamental changes” as the filibuster, villified by the GOP when Democrats used it, will be magically transformed into a sacred tool of protection against the “tyranny of the majority.”  As obnoxious as Republicans are when they win, a sullen defeated GOP will be even worse than they were during the Clinton Administration.  Go over to Rick Noriega’s place and give him some cash.


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  1. Vote for Cornyn!!

    Noriega wants a 1.4 trillion dollar plan in a soft economy and supports illegal aliens!!

    Vote for Cornyn

  2. Buddy, unless you had family here on October 11, 1492, you’re ALL “illegal aliens” to me.

  3. Actually, even with 60 Democrats in the Senate (or 58, if you’re including Liebermann and Sanders), it’s questionable how many “fundamental changes” a President Obama could really make. There aren’t many things that 60 Democrats even agree on, especially in a group of Democrats as geographically diverse as the Senate’s.

  4. The gentleman’s point is well-taken. However, without 60 votes, the Senate will become a legislative graveyard for any Obama proposals. Republicans, shorn down to nothing but the tin-foil hat base, will have no incentive at all to cooperate in the slightest.

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