News Round-Up

  1. Turns out the “voter registration fraud” business was in fact an empty scare tactic.  Wow!  Who’d a’ thought?
  2. So much for “law and order” Republicans.  I suppose it all depends on whose ox is being gored (or, ya know, threatened with assassination);
  3. Let’s do the numbers;
  4. Pennsylvania getting close?
  5. You can’t but feel inspired by this;
  6. Dubya is sad.  Pardon me while I play the world’s smallest violin in sympathy;
  7. Criticizing Sarah Palin is unconstitutional.  Really;
  8. The argument that you cannot criticize the President “during a time of war” is yet one more meme that Republicans will toss out the window January 20, 2009;
  9. The kiss of death;
  10. Dubya moves to secure his legacy by screwing the environment again just for old time’s sake.

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