Moderate Extremists

Our benevolent Beltway Overlords continue to remind us that, even though Barack Obama is clearly a socialist (not to mention Hitler), he is also the second coming of Reagan (also possibly Eisenhower) and all the Americans who voted for him are moderates, or possibly “center right” (except when they’re not).  See?  It all makes perfect sense!

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  1. Well, since the center right occupies the territory where the radical right used to be, and the center left is where Richard Nixon would be if he were running for office today, that means Barack Obama is actually the reincarnation of…Joe McCarthy? No, wait. Since Barack Obama is clearly a socialist with Hitlerish tendencies to invade neighboring countries, that would make him the second coming, not of Reagan, but of Zachary Taylor. No, wait, I’m getting confused. Eisenhower was a socialist? It was JFK that banged his shoe on the podium at the UN? I’m suddenly doubting the efficacy of my liberal arts education. There probably weren’t enough certainties included in it.

  2. This whole center-left, center-right argument is starting to sound childish all around. Bottom line: anyone who doubts that the Democrats have a mandate for change is a moron. Period. At the same time, anyone who believes that this election marks some new millennium for progressive or liberal policies, in which the American people have permanently “shifted left” on some non-existent political line, is equally a moron, and obviously unfamiliar with the cyclical turns of fortune in American political history. If the Democrats truly feel their mandate extends far beyond the obvious reasons they got elected–the ECONOMY stupid, followed by our damaged prestige abroad as a distant second–then by all means, let Congress and the new president go nuts passing every “center-left” policy they could possibly desire and see what happens in 2010. It would be a pity, really, because it would amount to yet another example of the party of wasting a golden opportunity based on a flawed reading of the American public.

  3. A mandate is ultimately what you make of it. In 2000, Dubya lost the popular vote (and but for the Supreme Court, the electoral vote as well) but governed from the start as though he had won in a landslide. Except for the part about deliberately pursuing policies that exacerbated divisions in American society, Obama could learn from his example.

  4. George W. Bush was the very incarnation of the word MORON. Not just Obama, but EVERY future president can profit from studying his wretched presidency as a shining example of stupidity and arrogance.

    By the way, my favorite new line (from a recent article in Newsweek about past presidents and their cabinets, and referring specifically to Nixon): “He went down a path of destruction in the company of sycophants.” The same thing could be said of Bush, except that they obviously dragged the country down the path with them.

  5. P.S. Except yes, I do agree that Obama should obviously govern from the start as though he won in a landslide, which he did. There are any number of things he should do on the economic and diplomatic fronts quickly, boldly and aggressively. To do otherwise would immediately cast doubt on his strength and competence as a president.

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