Pity Texas

It hardly seems possible, but Texas has dropped even lower in state rankings for overall health, now down to 46th.  Enter AG Greg Abbott, with a crackpot scheme to fund healthcare for children by skimming off child support payments.  Sigh.

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  1. Abbott needs to be hung. As a parent receiving child support through his department, and having read the decree (standard Texas wording) it seems to me that kids of divorce are pretty well cared for in this state, if CHIP can get funded correctly. My ex is required to provide health insurance for my kiddo, and if he can’t through his work, he’s supposed to purchase CHIP or some other private insurance (or I think he can reimburse me for putting her on mine, but it’s not come up yet, because wonder of wonders he’s been employed continuously since our divorce). While I’m lucky enough at this point to not need the child support, I’ve been at the place where I needed every penny to make ends meet and Abbott can keep his paws to himself.

    But then I’m a crazy socialist who thinks healthcare should be a right in this country that everyone enjoys…

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