Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Half a million jobs lost last month, for a total of nearly 2 million lost since the recession officially began in December of last year.  The worst jobs report since the Bureau of Labor Statistics was founded 124 years ago.  On the plus side, however, Dubya (who is evidently still president) has finally uttered the dreaded “R” word, I guess under the theory that the first step in recovery is acknowledging you have a problem.

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  2. Look up the definition of a recession. It was not known until recently that we were in a recession. And then to criticize Bush for not saying we were in a recession before we knew we were in a recession, only shows your cloudy politics. I’m not Bush fan, but you’re comments are unfair and beat on Bush for no legitimate reason.

  3. I am familiar with the definition of “recession” and so is Bush. And he had access to the numbers before the general public did. But my beef with him has nothing to do with when he first uttered the word. There could be legitimate reasons for not doing so, especially with a jittery stock market. Rather, my complaint is with his moronic economic policies that caused the recession in the first place.

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