Redistricting Fight Starts Early

The 2010 Census hasn’t even started and already Dewhurst is trying to jetison the 2/3rds rule in order to ram through a pro-GOP gerrymander.  The Republicans are running scared; they know there is a good chance they will lose the House in 2010 (and maybe a majority on the Legislative Redistricting Board) and their future will depend drawing lines that disadvantage Democrats to the greatest extent possible.  That, and disenfranching Democratic voters through Dewhurst’s Voter ID scam.  This is an important fight.

UPDATE:  The 2/3rds rule is chucked for that solution in search of a problem, Voter ID.  Unlikely to pass the House, this Dewhurst Campaign Vehicle mated with a guided tour through Dan Patrick’s collosal ego, is one more indication that the GOP is willing to commit electoral suicide by alienating Hispanic voters.


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  1. Now they’ve changed direction and made it all about Voter ID, something much more palatable-sounding to a majority of Texas voters. Now that they’ve lost a seat and can’t count on a two-thirds GOP lead in seats to meet the rules threshold, they’ll simply change the rules. Typical.

  2. Reckon maybe Dewhurst should volunteer for the Tarrant COunty Census. They need folks to check under bridges, overpasses and all the places the homeless frequent…. hmmmm..

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