Only Guilty People Are Afraid of the Police

I try not to do too much lawblogging here, but the Supreme Court’s ruling in Herring v. US is yet another evisceration of the Fourth Amendment and the Exclusionary Rule.  “Accidents” and “honest mistakes” always seem to redound to the benefit of the State, not the Defendant.  What incentive do clerks have now to update their warrant records?  Why not just leave them on the computer for years after they’ve been withdrawn just in case the police need an excuse to search your vehicle (or your home)?

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  1. Looks to me like the US has adopted the “Johnson County” guide to Constitutionality….. I once overheard a conversation regarding a Constitutional violation that had occured in a local Court…. which was met with hysterical laughter… when inquiry as to why such laughter was produced, the following remark was offered- “What Judge around here is going to actually uphold the Constitution?”… this troubles me….

  2. This is another example shifting responsibility to the citizen. You are already responsible (due to profound lack of enforcement) for maintaining the integrity of your credit record. Likewise you have to secure your own privacy. Are we really surprised that we’re being made responsible for the integrity of our reputation?

  3. Any excuse will do…Police have proven to be corrupt and it comes as no surprise that people are now seeing for themselves just how corrupt the whole justice system really is, from arrest to appeal the cops, prosecutors and judges are all working together to lock people away regardless of the constitutional rights they violate to get the conviction…The system is sickening! Read my story:

    Blessings to you!
    Ira Hatchett

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