Circling the Drain

The ongoing self-immolation of the Republican Party.  And what can you say about people who consider George W. Bush “basically a liberal”?

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  1. I wish they’d hurry up and self-immolate faster. Sadly, though, they’ll be back in power in another 8-12 years and it’ll be the same stupid crap all over again. Rush Limbaugh accusing Obama of exploiting peoples’ anger? In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “Good grief.”

  2. Hmmm, I dunno. Depending, of course, on Obama’s success, the GOP may be out of power for quite awhile, doomed to national irrelevance as a regional party. Too early to tell yet, though.

  3. They’ll be back, and I don’t say that with any relish. The whole nature of our stagnant two-party system is that even when it’s completely bereft of ideas, all the party out of power has to do is wait long enough for the party in power to eventually implode. The longest that’s ever been in American history is, what, 20 years? Granted, that’s a LONG time in politics, but whether it’s 4 or 20 years, the GOP will eventually recapture the White House and/or Congress. A few variables I see that could hasten the Dems back into disfavor more quickly are 1) if Reid and Pelosi resist the president’s efforts to tame the budget (starting, presumably, next year), 2) the recession lasts much longer than expected, proving that the stimulus had little to no effect, or 3) the U.S. suffers another major terrorist attack. This last one scares me the most for more reasons than one. I just couldn’t stomach the undisguised glee the GOP would take from it.

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