Stupid White Man of the Week: Justin Barrett

The Boston police officer who was fired for referring to Prof. Henry Gates as a “jungle monkey” in an email is now suing the department for (wait for it)…violating his Free Speech rights.  Quick!  Someone call Whine-One-One and get the Wah-mbulance!

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  1. Folks in law enforcement should realize that they are the good guys and if they can’t leave their KKK robes at home when they go to work,then they should find another line of work,hopefully in another country!!

  2. First of all, what sort of standards are the candidates of such a civil service position up against. Talking in terms of I.Q., if Justin Barrett doesn’t have the ability to foresee the consequences of his actions, especially working in a position to protect and serve all people, then he deserves to be fired!! Irrespective of how he feels about Black People, if he couldn’t see what was coming next after writing to both the National Guard and a Media Outlet about his twisted views concerning race, then he needs to consider flippin’ hamburgers at the local Mickey D’s. This issue isn’t so much about political correctness, it’s about discretion.

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