Getting Crazier

Newsmax runs an article advocating a military coup against the duly-elected President of the United States.  No, seriously.  Like the late unlamented Jesse Helms before him, John Perry insults every man and woman who wears or has ever worn the uniform of the US Armed Forces.  Repulsive.

Meanwhile, Cong. Trent Franks (R-Crazytown) declares the president an “enemy of humanity,” which I suppose is a step-up from being merely the Anti-Christ and Glenn Beck and his flock continue to push the bizarre “Obama hates white people” meme.


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  1. I think this nonsense proves that Jimmy Carter was right.

  2. I don’t. The Right Wing Howler Monkey Media Chorus said the exact same things about Bill Clinton (other than the “hates white people” idiocy, of course). Yes, there are people who hate Obama because he’s black, but there are many, many more who hate him because he’s a Democrat.

  3. The right is doing everything in its still-considerable power to make this country ungovernable. Can you imagine the uproar if, say, The Nation had called for a coup to depose George W. Bush” The RWHMMC wouldn’t have been satisfied until executions had taken place, and probably not even then.

  4. I recall John Perry worked for Carter. Most people respect the Office of Pres and whether Pres O is black or a democrat has little to do with a growing opinion that his policies are leaning socialism. Newsmax took off the Perry article by its own means or request. As for the Cong Franks he got voted in just like Pres O. As for Beck- change the channel if you don’t want to hear his version of change.

    • Soooo…I can’t criticize people who say moronically offensive things if they ever worked for Jimmy Carter? I can’t criticize politicians who say stupid things because they won an election? And I can’t criticize people who say bat-shit insane things because I have a remote for my television? Please. “Respect the office,” “politics ends at the shore,” and “never criticize the president during a war” only apply when Republicans hold the White House.

  5. WTF?! Aren’t there editors at Newsmax? How did this nonsense make it onto the Internet?

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