The Year in Crazy lists its votes for the 10 Craziest People of 2009.  Most of these I can agree with, but Kanye West?  He’s not worthy to shine the buckles on Glenn Beck or Michele Bachman’s strait jackets.  Kirk Cameron?  Frankly, he appears to be included only because the authors find his religious beliefs laughable.  There are plenty of religious leaders much more deserving.  Pat Robertson springs to mind, though he’s been relatively quiet lately.  Mark Sanford isn’t crazy nearly so much as pathetic.  Being a puling hypocrite is entertaining, but not crazy.


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  1. I’m a little disappoined that our very own Rick Perry didn’t get at least an honorable mention for his secession contretemps and his eager embrace of Lady Gaga, er, Sarah Palin.

  2. No, one of the criteria for the coveted Golden Straitjacket is sincerity: the recipient must sincerely believe whatever batshit insanity he or she is spewing. Merely repeating insanity in order to sell books or gain votes doesn’t count.

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