It’s The End of the World As We Know It

The US Supreme Court is poised to formally cede control of the American democratic process to large, unaccountable corporations and special interest group.  The ruling could potentially allow these groups to dump millions of dollars into elections, while denying voters the right to even know where the money came from.  This is the natural result of the disastrous Buckley v. Valeo decision:  if money = “free speech,” then those who have more money have more rights, creating a two-class system.  Or, to put it another way, it’s the Golden Rule:  them that has the gold makes the rules.

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  1. It is a disaster. But this is one of the effects of Republican efforts to stack the Supreme Court with conservative, pro-business justices. It is a tough issue though because the SCOTUS held long ago that campaign contributions are a form of speech but I don’t think that should mean that Congress can’t enact meaningful campaign reform that limits the amount of special interest money that is being dumped into the system and undermining the democratic process. McCain-Feingold is a good start but it doesn’t have enough “teeth” to deal with the problem. However every attempt to limit corporate pay-to-play politics, the law will get challenged in court, ultimately ending with the SCOTUS.

  2. I am a late convert to the notion of publicly-financed campaigns, but, short of a Constitutional amendment, it may be the only reform that works. And without a change to the the current system of legalized bribery, nothing else is ever going to change in a meaningful way.

  3. And without a change to the the current system of legalized bribery, nothing else is ever going to change in a meaningful way.

    Well said, but…and I’m no legal scholar, so I may be talking out-o-my-ass…isn’t another problem that corporations–not defined as entities with rights, anywhere in the constitution–have been treated for somewhere upwards of 80 years as if they were equal to citizens? How about we just take care of that, and deprive corporations of equality with the citizenry?

    Feliz Navidad, Crank!

    – Kvatch y Frogette (de Ecuador)

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