Limbaugh, FTW!!

Bloated, drug-addled narcissist threatens to leave country if “socialist” health care reform passes…and move to a country with a socialist health care system.  That’ll show us, Rush-bo!  Perhaps next he’ll protest illegal immigration by moving to Mexico.

The Great and Powerful Kos suggests a country with a more libertarian approach to healthcare.

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  1. Or perhaps he’ll protest the corporate media as well by giving up his radio show.

  2. Obviously you don’t listen to the show, because he did not say he would move to Costa Rica. I dare you to listen to him and find out what he really says instead of misquoting him and taking him out of context… it’s hilarious: “Another media tweak riles up the HuffPo lefties”… he’s just toying with you and you’re falling for it! LOL!

  3. This health-care reform bill is a disaster, and I find myself hoping that the 10 states suing the Feds over it will win so that we can move on to universal coverage in a form that the states (and the GOP) can’t touch. How sick is that?

    But on a positive note, now we can bid goodbye to ‘ol Limpballs.

  4. They raised $2200 overnight at

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