Column for 2 May, 2010


 “Do not oppress an alien; you yourselves know how it feels to be aliens, because you were aliens in Egypt.”

                                                                                            –Exodus 23:9

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Bill Flores, a registered Democrat and occasional tourist in the 17th Congressional District, has won the Republican nomination to get his head handed to him by Chet Edwards.  He’s also given me hope that I too can be a Republican candidate for Congress, since like him I voted in the Democratic Primary in 2008, although unlike him, I voted in the general election.  Also, I didn’t lie about it.  Repeatedly.  In public.  Say what you will about Chet, but he has the devil’s own luck in drawing opponents: Arlene Wohlgemuth (the only Republican too extreme for this district), previous carpetbagger Nicholas Van Campen Taylor (who at last found a county to pretend to live in where people will vote for him), and the hapless Rob Curnock.  You’d almost think Chet was recruiting these people.  In other news, State Senator Kip Averitt suddenly discovered that he has had diabetes for the last several years, a revelation that occurred only after the filing deadline and which caught both him and the GOP establishment completely off guard.  His erstwhile primary opponent, Darren Yancy, nevertheless managed to lose what was essentially an uncontested race.  This might have something to do with the fact that Yancy is a kook, running on the issue of state nullification of Federal law, an issue most of us who passed high school US history thought had been settled with the death of John C. Calhoun.  There’s also the little matter of his real estate license being suspended for violating the real estate code and being found to be “negligent…incompetent…dishonest…untrustworthy[y].”  So, clearly, he will fit right with the Republican caucus.  In the upcoming special election, Yancy faces former State Senator and current lobbyist David Sibley, Brian Birdwell (a military veteran severely wounded during the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon), and the lone Democrat, my former Baylor history political science professor, the redoubtable Dr. Gayle Avant.  I expect that Sibley has the edge in this very Republican-leaning district for reasons of money and name recognition, but the expected anemic turnout means all bets are off.  In fact, Sibley’s run makes me think the State could save money by simply privatizing the entire Legislature.  The lobbyists already run the place, so why are we bothering to pay 181 men and women to hang around every two years and pretend like they are in charge?  Speaking of the State Senate, the chairman of the flake caucus Daniel Scott Goeb (a.k.a. Dan Patrick) has formed a brand new super secret caucus of super conservative non-wimpy non-liberals…only he forgot to invite the Republican Speaker of the House, Joe Straus.  Or any of his lieutenants.  So after a little embarrassment, he ended up letting pretty much everyone into his clubhouse, which kind of begs the question as to why the Real Conservatives Only Club was needed in the first place.  Is there really a dangerous epidemic of liberalism in the Texas Republican Party?  Really?  In sad point of fact, Texas is in very real danger of losing her coveted status as the most politically ludicrous state in the nation.  Oklahoma just passed a bill to force teenage rape and incest victims to endure an invasive medical procedure before they get another invasive medical procedure.  Not to be outdone, Arizona now requires police officers to demand proof of citizenship (“papers, please!”) from anyone who they “reasonably suspect” is an illegal alien.  But it won’t be racial profiling, oh no!  Governor Jan Brewer assures us it won’t, though she admits she has no idea what an illegal alien looks like and Arizona law enforcement is looking to the Federal government to teach them.  Doubtless all blue-eyed, fair-haired people will be pulled over on suspicion they are illegal aliens from Norway.  Personally, I’m waiting for the irony supernova that will occur the first time an Apache, Navajo or Hopi is ordered to produce proof that they are “real Americans.”  Never fear, though, Texas is trying to hang on to the crown of lunacy.  Rick Perry continues to gibber incoherently about secession and recently proclaimed frothing-mad television troll Glenn Beck to be an “honorary Texan,” thus representing the first time the words “honor” and “Glenn Beck” have ever appeared together in the same paragraph.  State Rep. Leo Berman took the opportunity to declare that President Barack Obama is “God’s punishment on America.”  And here I always thought it was John Tesh.  Berman and State Rep. Debbie Riddle are now planning to introduce an Arizona-style immigration bill in Texas.  Yep, that GOP Hispanic Outreach program is working real good!  In Washington, Senator John Cornyn joined Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in huddling with Wall Street banksters before announcing their principled and entirely coincidental opposition to any effort to prevent said banksters from looting the global economy.  Again.  Democrats astonishingly showed some backbone this time and forced McConnell in Cornyn to back down in the face of widespread ridicule.  Evidently, gigantic banks run by unscrupulous billionaire conmen are not all that beloved by the American people.  Who knew?  If the Democrats manage to avoid a complete disaster in the fall, in large measure they will have the Republicans to thank for reminding Americans why they voted these guys out in the first place.


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  1. I normally don’t address blogs, but being called a “kook” for supporting nullification from a blogger who has not even taken the time to call and visit requires a response. The 10th Amendment grants the powers to the states not reserved in the enumerated powers. Like other states that are enacting such laws, I believe it to be a tool for Texas. Obamacare has no Constitutional basis and will cost 3 to 6 billion. AG Abbotts suit may or may not be successful and could take years to settle. To wait for this result could be far too costly.

    As far as my suspension, I issued a press release on this in January. This is an issue regarding my unwillingness to discriminate against a Hispanic in a 2006 transaction from my racist seller. When this complaint was filed in January 2007, the investigator told me and my broker it was sour grapes and would be dismissed. Two and half years later when I am campaigning for office, a new investigator says I placed my interest ahead of my seller. She kicked out half of my evidence from the original complaint and refused to allow another 300 plus pages of written evidence on the racism issue. I had no choice but to take the suspension for 3 months.

    You might also be interested to know that when the press release came out in January, a legal team in Austin asked for the file to review. They did some investigation and found the 2nd TREC investigator that suspended me left TREC before my 3 months was done, has very liberal leanings and affiliations, and apparantly modified the paperwork I signed. My license is active and can be verified on TREC, but there is paperwork at TREC that reflects 12 months suspension. The two do not reconcile and we are requesting petition to reopen the case, as it is now obvious this was a political hit.

    You should also know my wife is Hispanic, which makes my kids Hispanic. In addition to my seller asking me to break the law, what was asked of me was morally reprehensible. I don;t discriminate and I would you would not either.

    This is an issue of racism and to continue to promote this story without all the facts makes race an issue in this campaign.

    • Dear Mr. Yancy (assuming you are, in fact, Darren Yancy), thank you for lowering yourself to blog commentary. Perhaps this post will be more worthy of your attention when it runs as a column in the Cleburne Times Review tomorrow. In any event, if you don’t want to be considered a kook, it’s probably a good idea not to cite kooky ideas that were discredited 150+ years ago and which have only ever been deployed in defense of secession, slavery & racism. You might also consider getting your legal research from someone other than Glen Beck. Regarding your suspension, as a criminal defense lawyer, I am a firm believer in appeals. If you get the suspension overturned, shoot me an email and I will gladly post that fact. I must respectfully disagree with your contention that failing to state your version of the facts someone makes “race an issue in this campaign,” particularly considering the words “race,” “Hispanic” or “wife” do not appear in my column. Best of luck in the special election.

  2. This is Darren Yancy and I can be reached at 817-426-5100. We are going to have to agree to disagree on nullification, considering you cannot show me where it is disallowed under the Constitution.

    I stick to my guns on the racism issue. This was dealt with in January in press releases, facebook, emails, etc. I know the CTR had the release as I sent it to Matt personally. I know both sides have been presented in other periodicals. For you to bring this up at this point without telling both sides certainly could give the impression you are a “racist kook”. I have no problem meeting with you to review my documents, the same ones I have shared with County Chairs, Republican Leaders, and other individuals.

    • Yes, we will have to “agree to disagree” if you are under the mistaken impression that I am required to prove a negative. A basic tenet of debate (even in the Texas Senate) is that when you make a proposition (i.e., “everyone but me and Glenn Beck have been wrong about Federal supremacy for the last 150 years”), then it is YOUR job to back it up with some actual, ya know, evidence. Case law. Facts. Stuff like that.
      Also, you may be astonished to learn that I could not give a load of flaming dingo’s kidneys whether or not you think I am a “racist kook.”

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