Stupid White Man of the Week: Laura Schlessinger

A very special SWMOTW goes to shriveled, Right Wing scold and former amateur porn star “Doctor” Laura Schlessinger for repeatedly dropping the “N” bomb while lecturing an African American woman on racism.  A more perfect example of Right Wing arrogance and White Privilege could not be combined into a single episode of idiocy.  Of course, the old bat has excreted an “apology.”

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  1. I am very impress of ur write up and she does deserve to be called that title…I am just wondering if Oprah Windfrey was the caller whether she will mention the word “N” and kept repeating 11 times..I betcha , she will not. I am appaled how this woman is called a dr and have a top rating radio show when she does not hv the class to empathise wt her caller asking her for advice before everything escalates .. the caller is a true , classy lady who is rational to ask for an advice…Whether the person is white ,black or brown nobody has the right to judge or make fun to a person by their colour/race.. good luck and more power to you guys..

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