Stomach Churning

The amount of religious bigotry, or more to the point shameless political pandering to religious bigotry, over the Cordoba House frankly makes even a cynic like me nauseous.  Truly breathtaking how quickly some are willing to abandon the Constitution.  It’s even more amazing when you consider that Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, a Sufi Muslim, worked with the FBI on counter-terrorism and the Bush Administration in promoting America in the Muslim world.  In fact, he’s about to embark on a world speaking tour highlighting, pardon the irony, America’s tradition of religious tolerance.  Meanwhile, Rick Lazio, a particularly virulent scumbag, is even using footage of the 9-11 attacks in his campaign ads blasting Cordoba House.  Bigotry isn’t supposed to be logical, but this is just stupid, not to mention repulsive and un-American.

UPDATE: Congressman Roy Blunt (R-Missouri)?  Also an asshole.

UPDATE 2:  To all you sunshine patriots attacking the religious freedom of Muslims in America, please look the mother of Specialist Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan (U.S. Army) in the eye and tell her that her son was not a “Real America.”

UPDATE 3: Right Wing lies spew forth so quickly it’s hard to keep up.  The latest (for me, anyway)?  Evil liberal Muslim fascist Nazis allow giant mega-mosque but kill Santa Claus by denying permit to rebuild St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.  In reality:  total bullshit.

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