“Compassion” is Evidently No Longer a “Value”

Are there no charity hospitals?  Are there no pauper’s graves?

Once more, Christianity is perverted into nothing more than a moral fig leaf for an anti-Christian (and un-American) plutocratic economic policy.

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  1. I don’t agree with the author’s blanket (implied) statement that disapproving of “Obamacare” is tantamount to agreeing that it’s okay a certain percentage of the populace has no access to healthcare. I think it’s the government involvement in insurance that has screwed it up in the first place.

    I have not had insurance for most of my life and I currently don’t have coverage. I had to take my 4 year old to the doctor today without insurance. His treatment was 122.00 and I received a 25 pecent discount for paying for the treatment in ful. His required antibiotic cost me another 6.00 for the discount pharmacy in the building where my wife works. My total out of pocket, was around 100.00. Compare that to the estimated 1,520.00 that I would have to pay each month to maintain my previous policy from my former employer through COBRA. Granted, if someone in my immediate family had a catastropic event then the 1520 may not seem so bad, but why should it cost so much in the first place. Not to mention the prior coverage sucked anyway.

    We don’t have a crisis in this country of people not having access to care. We have created a perception that you can’t get care without insurance and that is fueling a crisis of insurance companies running amuck and skyrocketing premiums. It started with HIPAA in 1997 and more government involvement won’t make it any better. It certainly won’t improve by fining people who still don’t have coverage.

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