This Is A Couple Days Old…

…but it bears commenting on.  Matt Taibbi’s exchange with David Gergen (last seen as the Designated Grownup in the Clinton Administration) perfectly illustrates A) the Beltway Village’s myopia and alienation from anything that even remotely approaches reality; and B) the fact that the Tea Partiers are, in fact, howling at the Moon, pissing in the corner crazy.  They are not a “movement,” they are not some grand new populist political revival: they are a comparatively small group of ultra Right Wing Republicans (with a frisson of racism) who have hijacked the GOP.  Any sincerity the TP’ers may once have had has long since been smothered in its crib as the “movement” was bought body and soul by the very Wall Street fatcats and banksters they were originally brought together to oppose.  Anger about the looting of the American economy by the rich and powerful is now whored out to a Republic Party dedicated to actively wrecking that very same economy for their own political advantage.


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