From Our “Satire is Dead” Department…

…Tea Partiers, fresh off their opposition to the democratic election of US Senators, now set their sights on restricting the vote to property owners.  No, seriously.

Meanwhile, Cong. Steve King is smearing payments to African American and Native American farmers who were discriminated against by the government for decades as “reparations for slavery.” And just in case you missed his subtle point, he suggest that then-Senator Barack Obama (a “very very urban Senator”) was behind the aforementioned “reparations.”  I expect now the Tea Party will call for restricting the franchise to white, property-owning males, as the Founding Fathers intended.  This is, of course, not racist is any way and anyone who suggests otherwise is the real racist because the worst thing in the entire universe is for any white man anywhere to ever be accused of racism.  And besides, that was all a long time ago and nobody alive today ever owned slaves or killed Indians so why can’t you people just get over it?


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