A Tale of Three Nitwits

The official State of the Union response by Paul Ryan, a disingenuous hack, and the unofficial Tea Partier by Michelle Bachman, a complete and utter loon who hates the troops.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, alleged Governor Rick Perry freely admits that he hates public schools, especially ones that serve brown people, and doesn’t think your kids are worthy of art, science, or college placement classes because they are only fit for manual labor.  If there’s a more smug, vicious, condescending prick in elective office anywhere, I haven’t met him yet.

This is the best the Republic Party has to offer.

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  1. No, Patrick, this was not the best the republicans had to offer. However, many of my more liberal “friends” on Facebook commented before the primary last year that they intended to vote for Perry in the primary to keep Sen. Hutchinson from receiving the nomination. Enough of them must have done exactly that for it to work and now both parties are stuck with him for another term.

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