Glenn Beck: Batshit Insane

In his latest brain-spewing, Beck analyzes geo-political trends worldwide.  And by “analyze” I mean “flings his own shit at a dry erase board while screeching like a chimpanzee.”  It’s really, truly impossible to over state just how droolingly insane this man is. Just watch him and Rush Limbaugh, preferably with the sound off. It’s a con to Limbaugh; he’s an actor. You can see it in his oxycontin-beclouded eyes. If he could make money as a liberal, he’d be the first one calling for nationalizing the means of production and a dictatorship of the proletariat. Now watch Beck in all his glory; he believes that shit. He really truly honestly in his heart-of-hearts believes that if he writes the words “Mao” and “Obama” on his magic dry erase board and then draws a line between them, that definitely proves that Barack Obama is a member of Shining Path. It’s no wonder that violent lunatics like Byron Williams are drawn to Glenn Beck–they recognize a kindred spirit.

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