Paul Ryan: Super Genius

Turns out, the overwhelming majority of Americans loathe his plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, both Ryan and Sean Duffy (last seen complaining of his struggles to get by on $174,000/year) are getting hammered by their own constituents.

UPDATE:  Add Dan Webster (R-Florida) to the list of Congressmen facing angry constituents in townhall meetings.  Oh, and Cong. Lou Barletta, too.  I’m sure this will all be breathlessly covered as a “national revolution” by FOX “News”.

UPDATE 2:  And Charlie Bass (R-New Hampshire); and Patrick Meehan (R-Penn.); and Chris Gibson (R-New York); and Robert Dold (R-Ill.).  I’m sure ACORN is behind all this.  Probably George Soros, too.

UPDATE 3:  And Rick Berg (R-ND) and Allen West (R-FL), who will now only accept pre-screened written questions from his subjects–er, constituents.  Incidentally, Cong. West, how many protesters were arrested for disrupting Democratic townhall meetings over the Affordable Care Act?  Still waiting on that 24/7 FOX “News” coverage of this widespread national revolt…


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