Works For Me

Personally, I would’ve rather seen the sonovabitch taken alive, tried in Federal District Court in Lower Manhattan, convicted, and locked away for the rest of his miserable existence in a supermax somewhere, forgotten to history rather than give him the martyrdom he craved.  Still, this works fine, too.


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  1. Too many people in my fb circles are being shocked by others’ pleasure at this death. I’ve seen umpteen repetitions of a passage from Ezekiel, and frankly, I’m glad he’s been taken out of play.

  2. As I said, I’d have preferred to see him prosecuted and locked up for all eternity to A) deny him the martyrdom he so desperately desired and B) to prove the moral superiority of democracy and the rule of law, but a double-tap and a grave at the bottom of the Indian Ocean works for me, too

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