How Stupid is Rick Perry?

Yes, I realize this could be an endless thread, but in this particular instance, the answer is, “Rick Perry is so stupid he caused an international incident with a country that has been our ally for 60 years (Turkey) with a moronic comment during a debate.”

It’s becoming increasingly harder to quantify just how cosmically stupid Rick Perry truly is.  We can no longer just compare him, unfavorably, to George W. Bush.  In fact, Perry makes George W. Bush look like Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson and Sam Houston all rolled up into one.  Nor would I compare him to an animal (a jackass, say, or a pissant) as that would be an insult to animals, though clearly this is neither the first nor the last time the words “Rick Perry” and “Turkey” have appeared in the same sentence.  I think, instead, we are forced to compare his wits to those of inanimate objects.  We would say, for instance, that Rick Perry is dumb as a bag of hammers.

UPDATE:  Rick Perry is so stupid, he can’t get on the ballot in Virginia, even with an utterly frivolous lawsuit.  I assume this was all a conspiracy by liberal activist judges.

UPDATE 2:  Rick Perry now too dumb to know “fetch” from “sic ’em”.

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