Dear Conservatives…

If this is what you REALLY believe about minorities, then you needn’t wonder why they aren’t voting GOP:

    • I can’t imagine why minorities would vote Democratic as opposed to voting for the Republic Party…

  • 59 minutes ago


    • I can: they have been brainwashed into thinking that the left supports them more than the right does–by way of the liberal media. However, there are, now, a growing number of educated African-Americans who are beginning to see that the conservative cause is their best hope for a more secure future–yet they are called “uncle toms” etc by groups like Farrakhan’s followers. Why is it not acceptable for a black person to be conservative or to make up his/her own mind as to which political ideal to follow?

  • Patrick G. Barkman

    57 minutes ago

    Patrick G. Barkman

    • Really? Please, tell me more about racial minorities, and especially African-Americans. Or Indians. Let me know what the Indians think about the Republic Party.

  • 38 minutes ago


    • What…no dems were involved in taking the Indian’s lands? Again, they, too, are victims of brainwashing by the left. This is going nowhere, Partick. The Republican Party is not perfect–& neither are its candidates. But at least Bush didn’t have to rely on stirring up class warfare or appealing to the lowest demoninator of our voting population in order to get re-elected. I’m sorry you linked your star to the wrong side–but you’ll continue to defend the defenseless from now till the “chickens come home to roost.” I could get really ugly here & say that the Democratic Party is the party of the unchurched, the sexually promiscuous, the deadbeat & the “blame-America-first” crowd…but that would start you on another line of accusations that I am a bigot, or uncaring…etc, etc. Just remember that if Obama keeps hurting the working class while promising a Europen style culture for all Americans–we’ll end up like Greece & Ireland. You simply can’t keep promising more people a ride in the wagon if you continue to eliminate those who are strong enough to pull it.
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