Crystal Ball Time

I’m going to predict that the Supremes will overturn all of the Affordable Care Act in a sweeping opinion that also rolls back many other Federal programs (like Medicaid/Care) on some half-assed states rights theory that states with no constitutional rights to any Federal money nevertheless have a right to it with no strings attached.

I also predict that Liberals are deluding themselves that this catastrophe is somehow good for Obama.  This vast majority will be unaffected as they already have insurance and thus won’t care.  Later, when tens of thousands lose coverage due to “preexisting conditions” are kicked off their coverage, some MIGHT care but by then it willbe too late.

Anyways, that’s my prediction.

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  1. I agree. They have to, the bill completely overreached, and they screwed up on too many issues.
    Mandating us unconstitutional and the lack of severability was a mistake. That the Feds would give a little money for their required programs, but take ALL OTHER monies away wasn’t a good thing either.
    I say, let’s re-elect the bozo’s who wrote this terrible bill….after all we need people like them in Congress…. they make us feel superior, even while making us poorer.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were right. (You, Patrick, not Original Pechanga.) And pretending it’s good because it’ll rally Obama’s troops and get him reelected is lame. What will he do with another four years: pass an even weaker program of healthcare reforms?

  3. As for Original Pechanga, the conservative Heritage Foundation originated the idea of an insurance mandate. Mitt Romney passed a nearly identical version in Massachusetts. And the mandate was uncontroversial among legal experts until conservatives realized they could score political points with it.

    The only “overreach” was implementing a conservative idea and expecting conservatives to embrace it. They’re too intellectually dishonest for that to happen.

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