There Is Power In the Blood

A good concise article about “Indian blood”.

Elizabeth Warren receives the US Senate nomination at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

This is a golden opportunity for Warren to address this issue, apologize for offending Indians (and not just Cherokee), and get on with the important business of cleaning Scott Brown’s clock.  Ms. Warren, I really REALLY want you to win this race but you are playing right into the hands of your opponents, not to mention coming off as untrustworthy and insensitive.

UPDATE:  Esquire has a decent run-down on this self-inflicted political wound.

UPDATE 2:  Another viewpoint, this time from Crooks & Liars

In a bizarre twist, there are now Warren supporters accusing her Cherokee accusers of being Republican operatives, affiliated with  That’s insane, for a number of reasons.  First, I know several of those Cherokee and they are either liberal or non-political.  Second, I know for a fact that Polly’s Granddaughter hadn’t even heard of the late and unlamented Breitbart until I mentioned to her that he was a Right Wing hack and notorious liar.  She didn’t have anything whatsoever to do with until they started running stories of Warren’s fake Cherokee heritage.  As bad as the racist attacks have been from the Right Wing, it’s even more discouraging to see liberals stoop to this level.

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